Task force to begin studying parking issues in OC over the summer

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The ocean city parking task force will be pretty busy this summer season as they begin working around the clock to make an official recommendation to the town council to help making parking a little easier for you and your family.

“Parking is typically a nightmare,” said one visitor, Kevin Pritt.

It’s a problem that typically comes with being one of the most popular beach resorts on the eastern shore: parking. And it’s a problem that residents, business owners, and visitors in the area want to see fixed.

“If you leave your spot you can hardly find one to get back into it again,” Pritt said.

But it’s an issue that hasn’t gone unnoticed. The town’s newly appointed parking task force will be doing their homework this summer, collecting as much data as they can to come up with some solutions.

“Over the summer we’re going to be collecting data, we’re going to be sharing different ideas with all the task force members,” said City Engineer Terry McGean.

Officials say ideas like changing parking rates during the off season and making the towns park and ride and shuttle services completely free are already being discussed.

“It takes demand off of existing meters, keeps vehicles out of town which helps with traffic and so there really is some benefits to the town of encouraging people to use that free park and ride lot,” McGean said.

And visitors are putting in their own two cents.

“What my wife and I would like to see is more parking on the street with something a little bit more affordable there,” said Dave Castle.

“It would almost be easier if they would park put parking garage is in you know that way I wouldn’t take up any more area of space because you’re going up with it,” said Pritt.

And while nothing is set in stone just yet, town officials say this is the first step in making sure ocean city remains a prime destination for all. Town officials add that at the end of the summer, the task force will present a final recommendation to the mayor and council for them to consider as they move into next years budget process.

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