Sby city council working to approve Mayor Day’s 2020 fiscal year budget

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury City council members are hard at work, reviewing mayor days proposed 2020 budget, bore they vote on it. On Monday, residents were encouraged to attend the budget meeting to voice any questions or concerns they may have had. Council members tell us there weren’t many objections for the proposed $62.3 million budget, especially since it doesn’t include any tax increases for residents next year. However members say they’re still working on ironing out the details before they vote on whether or not they’ll adopt the budget.

“We bring in and discuss by departments, any questions that we have, we sit with all the personnel committees of each of the departments and then we sit with the department heads and then we review the budget and ask the questions that we have developed,” said council president Jack Heath.

Officials say the city’s council will hold its next hearing for the budget before adopting it on Monday June 10th at 6 PM. The public is encouraged to attend.


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