Revving up enforcement in Ocean City ahead of OC Cruisin’

OCEAN CITY, Md. – As people wax their cars and tune up their engines ahead of this weekend’s OC Cruisin’ event, the Town of Ocean City is revving up police patrols to help enforce the Special Event Zone.

Jessica Waters, the Ocean City Police Department’s Public Information Officer said, “So along with additional cars that you’re going to see on the roadway, you’re going to see a lot of additional police officers.”

Ocean City’s Special Event Zone, which goes into effect on Tuesday, will increase fines and decrease speed limits on Coastal Highway and Philadelphia Avenue.

Waters said, “So the maximum speed limit in Ocean City is going to be 30 miles per hour. Enforcement is going to be extremely strict.”

That means Ocean City locals should allow for extra time in their commute.

Waters said, “If you’re driving to and from work or to and from the grocery store and you are a resident of Ocean City, you need to remember that those laws apply to you too.”

As for pedestrians, there’s also rules that need to be followed.

Waters said, “It’s really important for people to remember that you have to keep the sidewalks clear. You cannot put your beach chairs on the sidewalk, you need to keep those open for pedestrians.”

On top of increased police patrols, there’s another thing drivers need to know about, and that’s road work.

Paving on Coastal Highway is scheduled to be complete by Thursday, but if we have more bad weather, there’s a chance some of the roads could be unfinished during OC Cruisin’.

Brett Dean, the Assistant District Engineer for Construction with MSHA said, “If weather were to come in and we were to lose a day and at this point, an additional day, we will not work Friday, Saturday or Sunday.”

If you plan on coming into town a bit early, you are urged to take it extra slow on Coastal Highway.

Dean said, “It is an active construction zone so we will have work going on, we will have some milled surface that’s up and as such, there’s a potential for some debris to come up so.”

The Special Event Zone is set to expire in the evening on Sunday, May 19th.

A person who gets caught speeding in a special event zone can face a fine of up to $1,000.

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