Pop-Up Restaurant planned for Snow Hill to give entrepreneurs a ‘leg up’

SNOW HILL, Md. – With a community determined to help breathe new life into Snow Hill, local business owners are working together to bring a pop-up restaurant to their downtown area.

“It’s very popular in urban and suburban areas,” said Downtown Snow Hill Main Street Revitalization Projects lead member Diana Nolte.

“You hear all the time how it’s a dream to own a restaurant, or to operate your own business. Well here’s your chance to try it,” said Chair of the Economic Vitality of Main Street Committee, Lorissa McAllister.

The idea is simple: Young or new entrepreneurs who are interested in opening up their own restaurant, but aren’t ready to fully commit to a space, can set up shop in what was once a former bistro.

“They can test out their restaurant concept for a day, a couple of days, a week, a couple of weeks, months, a couple of months and provide food to diners without that long-term commitment,” Nolte said.

What will soon be known as ‘The Changing Palate’, prospective restaurant owners will only commit to paying rent for the time they are there. Business owners working on the project say the idea is a win-win for the town that’s struggling to keep businesses in the area.

“We really need a place for families to come and eat and potentially bring more business downtown,” said McAllister.

But we’re told this dream can’t become a reality without the community’s support. The former Palate Bistro and Bar is in need of a few renovations to be ready to open.

“We are working on where we are going to run to raise money from through lower interest rate loans, grants, donations,” Nolte said.

And although still in its early stages, we’re told this project could be a game changer.

“It’s really tough to get a small business started and keep it going so anything that we can do to support that entrepreneurial spirit is fabulous,” said Nolte.

If your restaurant is successful and you’re interested in keeping your business in snow hill, you could buy the building. But business owners working on the project say if that happens, they’ll use other buildings in town to continue the initiative. If you’re interested in opening a restaurant in the pop-up shop you can send an email to changingpalate@gmail.com.




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