Police warn of counterfeit money in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Local business owners in Ocean City voiced their concerns on Wednesday after learning that several counterfeit bills have been circulating.

“It’s really concerning,” said Shane Vansciver, the manager at Dry 85 and Red Red Wine Bar.

“I don’t want fake bills coming through this business, I don’t want my employees to take fake bills home thinking they’re tips,” said Vansciver.

According to police, several counterfeit 100 dollar bills were used at different spots during the past week. They said some of the bills were marked with Chinese handwriting.

Some business owners in Ocean City said it has become more challenging over the years to differentiate between real money and counterfeit money.

“With technology the counterfeit bills have gotten better overtime, and that is for sure,” said the Co-Owner at The Shark on the Harbor, Jody Wright.

“So it gets a little harder to tell and that’s why using all resources that we have available to us is really important,” said Wright.

That is why police are encouraging neighbors to take a better look at the money that is going into their pockets, but Vansciver said it is not an easy task for some people especially during the summer.

“There’s a lot of quick, fast cash transactions in this town and that’s the way people can use that to their advantage,” said Vansciver.

“That’s just something especially for bartenders who are just going to be incredibly busy some of them for the first weekend of the year something to remember,” said Wright.

Business owners said this situation will most likely always be a challenge for the resort town, but they are ready for whatever this season brings.

“Sadly, it happens on a regular basis, so our staff is aware, and we have forwarded the information for them to be very diligent on how to check all of the bills,” said Wright.

“We have a lot of resources available to us and we’re ready to check the bills as they come in,” said Wright.

Police said it is important for people to be able to tell the difference between real and counterfeit money and other than just the looks checking if it feels different is another way to see if it is real.

Police are also warning local business owners that things like counterfeit detection pens very often give wrong results.

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