Officials reminding parents: Hot temps are here, don’t leave child in your car

SALISBURY, Md. – The temperatures reached in some areas Wednesday, and because of that, emergency officials are taking this opportunity to remind drivers not to leave children in their cars. Safety officials say just last year in the United States, more than 900 children died of heatstroke after being left alone in hot cars. They say after just a couple of minutes, children can start having difficulty breathing and can experience dizziness or nausea. Officials say parents should create reminders for themselves by putting something in the back seat of your car next to your child like a purse or a cell phone.

“They get out of the car, rush into a store, I’m only in here for a few minutes, those temperatures can go from a 90 or 100 degree day, its already 100 degrees in your car within 5, 10 minutes you’re at 110, 120, and the kids just can’t tolerate it,” said Salisbury Assistant Fire Chief Rob Frampeton.

Officials add that if you see a child alone in a hot car, call 911 immediately. And in worst case scenarios, if emergency officials are not responding in time, they say you can break the glass and remove the child from the car.

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