New Md. law enhances penalties for crimes against pregnant women

MARYLAND –  On Monday, Governor Larry Hogan signed a bill into law that will hold offenders accountable for crimes against pregnant women.

Senate Bill 561 is enhancing penalties for violent crimes against a pregnant person, giving prosecutors an extra tool to use in court that will hopefully protect pregnant women and their unborn child.

It’s a law that creates an extra potential ten year felony and prison sentence for any child who is unborn when the accuser knows or is aware that the victim is pregnant.

“Whether it’s going to deter somebody who ordinarily commits a crime having this law exist and whether that would then deter that person. That is certainly one of the goals with the legislation, but whether that will actually happen I guess we will have to wait and see,” explains defense attorney Luke Rommel.

Both Senators Mary Beth Carozza and Addie Eckardt sponsored this bill.

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