Memorial Day traditions held across Delmarva

Berlin, Md. – People across the eastern shore are remembering the lives lost this memorial day, and spending time with families and loved ones. People 47ABC spoke with Monday say they have a lot of favorite traditions they do each Memorial Day. Some families say they go to memorial services each and every year, while others say they spend the day at the beach, wearing red white and blue, and being with the ones they love the most. And while many have their own unique tradition, the reasoning behind it is usually the same: To honor and remember the soldiers who gave their lives while serving.

“We sometimes go to the beach. If there’s a parade going on we attend that, and we just kind of you know, have a moment of reflection. I lost an uncle in the Korean War, he was a POW and died in captivity, and my father fought in WWII, my grandfather in WWI. It’s a time to reflect on the men and women who have died for our freedom,” said Cathy Markardt.


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