MDOT officials urge drivers to stay on Rt. 50, not to take back roads

WILLARDS, Md. – It’s a problem that Robin Principe and her husband Anthony have dealt with for nearly 30 years. Drivers taking detours through their neighborhood to avoid heavy traffic on route 50 so they can get to their beach destinations faster.

“We see so much congestion, we see people not even honoring the stop sign, we see so many accidents. It’s not enjoyable that’s for sure. You just get tired of all the traffic all of the time. It kind of makes you want to move” said Principe.

And it’s a problem that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recently, the Maryland Department of Transportation released a reminder for drivers to stay on route 50 and avoid taking the back roads through small towns. Which can be a major safety and speeding issue for residents.

“I’ve had to go out there actually many times because of accidents and to make sure people are alright,” said Anthony Principe.

Transportation officials say one of the biggest reasons drivers take these back roads is because their GPS tells them to, helping them avoid traffic jams.

“It will make you go to the back roads I guess to try and ween you out of the 50 and 90 because it is so backed up,” said another resident, Lori Collier.

But officials are stressing that you resist the urge to take that detour, and take your time instead. So you can arrive to your destination alive.

“People need to watch what they’re doing, be careful , and go the speed limits, and they’ll get there,” said Collier.

Transportation officials add that they encourage drivers to “Leave Early and Stay Late” to avoid major congestion to and from the Eastern Shore. They add that you can also avoid traffic if you wait to drive to or from the beach during the week instead of the weekends.


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