Kitts Hummock residents want more beach replenishment

KITTS HUMMOCK, Del. – Some Kitts Hummock residents say they’re not completely satisfied with the beach replenishment job that DNREC carried out last month.

Back in January, DNREC announced that they would replenish the Kitts Hummock beach using dump trucks in the spring.

That replenishment project has come and gone but residents say, they wish DNREC had replenished the entire beach, not just part of it.

DNREC insists they carried out the work that was promised to residents.

They told 47abc in part, “The sand placement in Kitts Hummock was done in accordance with the plans developed for that project.”

Residents say, they’re left with more questions than answers in regards to if their beach will ever be completely replenished in the future.

Michael Costello, a homeowner said, “We’re a little bit up in the air we’d like to have an answer…but other than that though we’re pretty happy with [the beach replenishment] but a little sad they didn’t do the entire beach.”

DNREC says the replenishment project was completed in early April.

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