Insuring more Marylanders through state health exchange


SALISBURY, Md. – The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange made a special trip to the eastern shore Tuesday to learn from organizations about how to reach more locals.

Right now there are close to 13,000 people that are still uninsured on the Lower Eastern Shore. The Health Exchange says nearly 4,000 of those would qualify for Medicaid and another 7,000 would qualify for financial assistance.

That’s because many don’t know enough about how to apply or just find the process very complex.\

“In many cases they might get health coverage for little costs, particularly on the shore right now because the price of plans on the lower shore are some of the lowest in the whole state,” explains Andrew Ratner of Md. Health Benefit Exchange.

They’re hoping to boost enrollment locally after learning more from area organizations on Tuesday. That’s because open enrollment begins November 1st and runs through December 15th.

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