Experts gives tips on how to manage stress and anxiety at work and home

DELMARVA — Since May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, Carolyn Cole, a Global Consultant and Certified Professional Coach for Companies and Business Professionals, stopped by to give some tips on how to manage stress and anxiety in the workplace and at home.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is sometimes inescapable, but Carolyn summarizes how using the correct tools to manage stress can lead to an increase of daily confidence and happiness.

Carolyn can deliver fast tips around conquering the feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety that creep up when work, family and life responsibilities endlessly pile up.

For example, Carolyn told us here at 47 ABC that multi-tasking is actually a myth! She says multi-tasking “has the opposite effect.” It makes one counter-productive instead of productive. She says switching back and forth between at least four tasks at a time, will give one 60% of productivity loss over the course of a ten hour day. Carolyn explains that the more tasks that are done by an individual will lead to more productivity loss by that individual.

For more information on dealing with stress and anxiety or to book Carolyn to discuss to you, a group, or company, go to her website which is

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