Delaware bill looks to allow marijuana card holders to legally possess a firearm

DOVER, Del. – On Monday, some Delaware lawmakers introduced a bill that would allow people who are qualified to use medical marijuana in the state to still legally purchase or possess a firearm.

This act, called Senate Bill 79, essentially clarifies existing law so that a person would not be disqualified from possessing or purchasing a gun simply because they are a registered qualifying patient under the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act.

Senator Anthony Delcollo (R), the bills primary sponsor, says if someone were able to obtain a concealed carry permit before they developed a serious medical condition which required medical marijuana treatment (like cancer for example), they should still be able to have that permit afterwards without being punished.

Sen. Anthony DelCollo (R) District 7 said, “So it’s really about making sure that we are treating all of our fundamental civil rights, including this one, the same for whomever you are regardless of what condition you may have.”

We’re told this piece of legislation has been well received by both parties.

The bill is currently awaiting a committee hearing.

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