DE bill proposed to expand dental services to low income adults clears committee

DOVER, Del. – A proposed bill that would expand dental services to low income residents in the first state has passed with flying colors through the Senate Health and Social Services committee Wednesday. Currently, Delaware is one of only three states that do not offer some form of adult dental coverage through Medicaid.
Now, lawmakers are proposing to expand Delaware’s Public Assistance Code to make sure that coverage is provided. Officials say all eligible Medicaid candidates would have a $3 co-pay and would be limited $1,000 worth of dental services annually. Lawmakers say this bill is critical to ensure all Delawareans continue to have access to crucial health care services.

“Being able to make sure we have some funding in there to address some serious concerns on the dental side of the equation ,which is so critical and so serious, is important. Dental care is something that is extremely important and I think all of us know if we put it in laments terms if we can’t take good care of our teeth we’re going to have long term problems,” said Senator Ernie Lopez (R-SD 6).

Officials say the estimated budget impact for the fiscal year 2020 budget if this bill is passed is $2.5 million.

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