City of Lewes says no to new beach vendors

LEWES, Del. –  The City of Lewes has voted to not allow more concession stands to set up on the beach this summer.

That means visitors looking to get a convenient umbrella or beach chair rental may be out of luck.

Sarah Redman, a beach goer said, “I’d rather buy it here because I’m not going to fight the traffic to pull off and then try to get back into traffic.”

Some beach goers are upset, after the City of Lewes voted not to allow new beach chair and umbrella vendors to set up on the sand this summer.

Zofia Czyzewski, a beach goer said, “I feel like it would really help if we had them here so we wouldn’t have to carry them because we already have to carry so much stuff to the beach.”

As of right now, there is one rental shack on Beach 1 in Lewes, but as for Beach 2 and the Roosevelt Inlet, they don’t have any.

The city explained their decision saying the new concession stands would make the beach feel too crowded, and would hinder the family atmosphere. Beach goers we spoke to disagree.

Redman said, “I think it makes it look nice! It would make people say oh look, at all the people enjoying the umbrellas that are out there it makes you want to stop and enjoy it too. I think it would draw people to it.”

Matthew Carter, the Owner of Quest Adventures rents out beach chairs and umbrellas to residents and visitors.

He says having a concession stand on the beach would help out his rental business.

Carter said, “It would make my business much smoother, daily operations, and I think we would be busier we would be able to fill a lot more of the calls that we get.”

For now though, Matthew will have to stick to either delivering people their rentals, or having them pick up at one of his company’s shacks.

Carter said, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t very happy with the decision this year.”

The City of Lewes will likely be revisiting this issue in the future, and people we spoke to say they hope the city will reconsider.

Carter said, “There’s more people and more homing houses being approved and more people are moving here I think it’s going to be good for the future.”

We’re told the city is expected to revisit the issue in the fall of this year. The reason is they want to use this summer to collect information.

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