Archaeologists unearth more artifacts from the Bayly slave cabin

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Archaeologists are back in Cambridge at the Bayly cabin along the underground railroad after finding even more artifacts that prove a family did in fact life there.

But now the question is whether this was pre or post emancipation.

It’s been a mystery for many years, but finally as people begin to go beneath the cabin and sift through the soil in and around the area, they’re uncovering the facts archaeologists need to finally answer that question.

“At this point we do believe people were living here and using this cabin as a house. They were here up until late 1890 but the big question is how far back can we push this occupation and how do we answer that. And I do know that we have artifacts that are dating back to the 1830s and 1840s,” explains Dr. Julie Schablitsky, Chief Archaeologist for MDOT SHA.

When they first started excavations back in September, they had a theory about how this cabin was used but now with a second go and more ground to cover, archaeologists believe they will be able to find out even more about a time that isn’t well documented.

“This is really a chance to not only learn about the people that lived here through archaeology hundreds of years ago, but look at the African-American community. So little is known because when you are enslaved you don’t always have that chance to be recorded in historical documents.”

The artifacts they found around the cabin on Wednesday will actually go back to the lab where they hope to answer whether or not enslaved African Americans did in fact live here.

History that will forever be preserved.

This whole project started back in September when the current property owner Catherine Morrison wanted to secure the cabin, but knew there was a lot of history behind it.

And since her property is along the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, SHA was able to step in and help. The group says they are hoping to have more answers in the next couple of months.

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