Zoe’s Ministries seeks funds to create housing for child victims of human trafficking


DELAWARE – April marks Child Abuse Awareness Month and because local matters, 47 ABC spoke to an advocate who’s been pushing for more change when it comes to human trafficking.

Zoe’s Ministries has been helping victims since 2012, but now they need your help with their biggest project yet.

Yolanda Schlabach is working on purchasing a piece of property that would house minors, who are victims of human trafficking.

We’re told this home would have six beds and offer education, safe housing, support and therapy. They will also include equine therapy, which specifically helps children dealing with trauma.

But in order to get this $1.6 million project up and running, they need financial support.

Executive Director Yolanda Schlablach says, “Currently, anyone that we find that comes that has been trafficked, we are sending them out of state with our state money to contract other states because we don’t have anything to state currently for minors so it’s really important to get this facility built.”

They will apply for grants, but you can also donate to their website here.

If you can’t donate financially, Zoe’s Ministries says they will need volunteers once the house opens up.

We’re told the piece of property is an undisclosed location due to safety concerns. But they will be located mid state so they can help people across Delaware.

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