Yellow-brown water in Pittsville leaves residents with health concerns

PITTSVILLE, Md. – People in the Town of Pittsville expressed concern on Sunday after noticing that their tap water had a strange color and funky smell.

“The water used to smell like bleach, but now it stopped smelling like bleach and it’s yellowish,” said Richard Crocker, a Pittsville resident.

Some residents say they are afraid to drink the discolored water and they worry about the effects it could have on their pets.

“We got worried about our dogs drinking it because we don’t know if it’s safe for the animals to drink,” said Crocker.

“Humans can always grab a bottle of water, but dogs and animals they drink right out of the faucet,” said Crocker.

Residents say the yellow water is not only showing up in their kitchen, but also in their bathtubs as well as their toilets.

“It’s probably safe to take a shower in, but I wouldn’t drink it,” said Crocker.

Town officials released a statement last week saying the following: Please be advised that residents may be experiencing iron issues during the next few days. This is due to equipment failure, which should be replaced or installed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Meanwhile, a public service announcement on Facebook is letting neighbors know that the water is still safe to drink.

“I don’t know if they have to treat the water more, whatever,” said Crocker, “Hopefully, they will fix it.”

This is not the first time the Town of Pittsville has been under fire about this issue. The town has planned for upgrades at their water plant in order to avoid more discoloration of water along with the smell of chlorine in the future.

“I’m just hoping the town takes care of it in a timely manner,” said Ernie Church, a Pittsville resident.

“They normally are pretty good at it, so I feel safe using the water,” said Church.

If any residents have any questions or concerns they are encouraged to attend tomorrow’s town hall meeting or to contact

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