Town officials create master plan to redevelop Easton Point

EASTON, Md. – Town officials are making plans to redevelop the only waterfront area the town has access to. Right now Easton Point is a pier with just a single boat ramp, limited parking and not much else.

Town officials say they have been working to develop it for a while but now the master plans are ready for the future.

That plan includes moves to turn the run down, neglected marina into a recreational area for people of all ages and to do that they want to start by building a boat ramp.

“When that’s done we expect to have more parking. We will have dual boat ramps that will allow boats to launch faster. We will have piers where they can tie up while they are waiting to to get the car moved over to the parking area,” says Easton Mayor Robert Willey.

The entire project will take years to complete, but they’re hoping that once it’s done it will be easier to add the other amenities they hope to bring to the area including a kayak launch, a living shoreline and maybe even a few restaurants.

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