The Brightside: Connecting Salisbury Communities


SALISBURY, Md. – Since July, the city of Salisbury has had a go to guy for breaking the barriers between government and it’s residents.

Someone who’s going out into the community knocking on doors in neighborhoods, places that have felt neglected by the city for years.

Kevin Lindsay, Neighborhood Relations Manager for the City of Salisbury says, “I’ve been here since July and we kind of hit the ground running. We’re doing things trying to connect with the community  that you know perception wise don’t think there’s no connection.” 

Lindsay is changing the narrative, he’s taking on his new role as a chance to be the voice for those who feel like they’ve never had one. 

“Just having a conversation can make that person’s day, week, month to say you know what, somebody outside of my family really cares about me.” 

And that’s exactly what he set out to do, to be that person people can count on to be there.

“We want to have somebody out in the community talking to the residents and saying, ‘hey from the city of Salisbury’ what can I do to help you improve your neighborhood, improve your quality of life, where can I lead you?” 

And Lindsay just happens to be the perfect man for the job. 

 Salisbury Mayor Jake Day explains, “We hired Kevin Lindsay who is a team player, who is a coach, who has a ton of experience in terms of communicating with people, helping them see the best in themselves through his work at Goodwill.” 

Lindsay is bringing the community together, making sure everyone knows the city cares through little events like neighborhood walks and pop up bus stops. 

Events that may seem easy but really go a long way. 

“When we did Prince Street, one of the things that Jake liked was that was a neighborhood no one had really touched, had reached out to. He he saw some good things, he saw some things he probably should improve on.” 

Through those walks and just having conversations with residents, one thing was made crystal clear — the local youth need better opportunities to thrive.

Lindsay explains, “They need someone to say you know what I don’t care what’s going on, my goal is to make sure you’re successful. And I think that’s one of the biggest things that they need is the belief an individual cares about me and he or she is not going to judge me.” 

 It’s something Lindsay thinks can be achieved through community centers. Safe places for kids to go after school, to get homework help and have something to eat. 

“The community center here especially at Newton Street and Truitt Street, it’s a safe place. We run activities all week at Truitt Street and if it’s a simple basketball game to keep that 16 to 24-year-old off the street and staying out of trouble that goes a long way.” 

And even though Lindsay isn’t even a year into his new role, the city is already seeing positive change. 

Mayor Day adds, “I think we’re better in communicating with neighborhoods. Figuring out what’s going on out there and communicating the resources we have available thanks to Kevin.” 

 A man who’s already starting to create lasting ripples in the community.

“I think in the future hopefully what we will see is, it just goes back to you want these young kids to actually care about their community you have to show them that the city actually cares about you.” 

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