Storm damage hits neighborhoods in Broadkill Beach

BROADKILL BEACH, Del. – Neighbors in Broadkill Beach on Monday expressed their concern after a severe thunderstorm that may have produced a tornado damaged crucial parts of their home like air conditioning units, windows, their yard and more.

“I saw my trash cans flying around,” said Charles Rothera, a resident at Broadkill Beach.

“I was worried about these windows because we just had these replaced because when they built the house they were leaking,” said Rothera.

Rothera said he woke up to the sound of a loud smash against his home. He said he realized the wind was so strong that part of the his neighbor’s roof had flown across the street and hit the side of his house.

“That big old roof thing hit the side of the house at the same time as the big thunder and it all hit at once so it kind of startles you when you’re sound asleep,” said Rothera.

On top of that Rothera said another neighbor had left his chairs on a balcony and one of them flew over and hit his kitchen window, which was left in pieces. The Broadkill Beach resident said the situation could have been less devastating if everyone would have been better prepared for the storm.

“We’re going to have a meeting about that,” said Rothera, “People have to learn to put things away if they’re not going to be here to monitor your home because a lot of my damage was from other people’s things that flew around.”

Rothera said he has never felt a storm with wind gusts of up to 69 miles per hour, according to his device and evidence of flattened land outside neighbors homes show there may have been a tornado in the area.

“I was like geez this is really strong.”

Neighbors said they hope things will get back to normal sooner rather than later.

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