Sen. Carper joins environmental leaders in celebrating Earth Day

CAPE HENLOPEN, Del. – State leaders and environmental officials gathered at the Cape Henlopen State Park on Monday to celebrate Earth Day.

At the event, Senator Tom Carper and the Delaware Deparment of Natural Resources and Environmental Control highlighted Federal and State efforts that are in place to help protect endangered species and migratory birds like the piping plover, which is one of many unique species that attract tens of thousands of birders to Coastal Delaware every year during migrations.

Senator Carper mentioned at the event that Delaware is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Sen. Tom Carper (D) said, “We don’t often think of what is the effect of climate change, especially the warming on our birds and our bees, all kinds of animals…to the extent that we find ways to reduce the threat of climate change and global warming. We actually need to protect our planet and also protect the species that live here.”

Senator Carper says events like this help inspire him to head back to Washington and incite change to protect the environment.

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