Rehoboth Beach development drama continues

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. –  It was a packed house at a special Rehoboth Beach Commissioners meeting on Monday. Dozens of people came out to discuss a proposed development known as BeachWalk at the Rehoboth Beach Plaza.

The future of the property is a hot topic among locals in Rehoboth Beach. A developer wants to turn the property into a 63 unit housing development, but many of the locals we spoke to on Monday say, that’s not the kind of development they want.

Pam Cranston, a Rehoboth Beach resident said, “We would like to see the shopping center developed, but not with 63 plus houses in seven acres.”

Right now, pot holes and empty store fronts are what you can expect to see when visiting the Rehoboth Beach Plaza shopping center. Cranston said, “It’s really an eye sore.”

We’re told the BeachWalk Development was proposed back in 2015. Eric Hacker, an attorney working with Ocean Bay Mart, the developer said, “They applied for a condo that was legal. First it was approved, and then the city changed its mind and forced them to go to the board of adjustment.”

The city raised concerns after locals expressed opposition to the development.

Cranston said, “It is completely antithetical for everything Rehoboth Beach stands for in terms of open space and a canopy of trees and pleasant living and just beautiful area.”

Ultimately, the city and the developer took the case to the Superior Court and the judge ruled in favor of the developer but on Monday, the commissioners voted to appeal that ruling.

After the vote was made to pursue an appeal, the city discussed how they are going to address future development in the area. The city voted unanimously Monday to pursue an amendment to the city’s ordinances.

The city commissioners can now vote on an amendment to the ordinance at their next meeting in late April.

We asked the developer for a comment on all of this, but he declined.

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