PMT regulation bill heads to Gov. Hogan’s desk, local farmers not pleased

SNOW HILL, Md. – The Maryland General  Assembly has passed some new farming regulations. Recently, lawmakers passed House Bill 904 which would require farmers to follow new Phosphorous Management Tool (PMT). If the bill becomes law, farmers who have soil tests with PMT amounts higher than allowed, would have to stop using manure and start using fertilizer. Farmers could also face a fine up to $5,000 if they fail to to file a summary or annual implementation report of the amount of PMT they use with the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

“All these bills are being passed by people who’ve never grown a corn crop never grown a bean crop never grown a chicken and have zero knowledge expect what they hear from someone about what’s going on down here,” said local poultry farmer, Virgil Shockley.

The bill, now awaits Governor Larry Hogan’s signature. We’re told Governor Hogan has not taken a public stance on the bill.

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