New boardwalk and observation deck opens in Slaughter Beach


SLAUGHTER BEACH, Del. – A project in Sussex County, that’s been a long time coming, is finally complete. The boardwalk and observation deck at Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve is officially open for visitors.

“When we did the groundbreaking in October, I really didn’t think we’d see it in April but we have,” says Mayor Harry Ward of Slaughter Beach.

Slaughter Beach has pristine nature all around. It’s a place that’s rich in marshland, unique habitats and wildlife.

“People come down here for the nature. People come down here to watch the ospreys. People come down here to watch the horseshoe crabs and to help terrapin turtles cross the road,” says Ward.

But before this boardwalk was created not everyone had a chance to see all of its beauty.

“We had six pallets that they could walk out on, into the marsh. And that was it. So they really couldn’t get an understanding of what’s in the marsh,” says Ward.

Now, it’s a completely different story. It’s a place for learning, for understanding and appreciating nature.

“That is really what this is all about. How do we connect the people of Delaware and the visitors of Delaware to the incredible nature and natural resources that we have here,” says Shawn Garvin, DNREC Secretary.

It’s a project that will showcase just how important it is to keep areas like this resilient, protected and admired.

“It really helps with our mission because the more you can get people out and really touching nature and seeing nature, they appreciate the needs to protect it,” says Garvin.

DNREC is looking to do more projects like this one in other coastal towns in Delaware. We’re told more than 2-thousand students visit the Marvel Saltmarsh every spring. And with this new boardwalk, they’re expecting to see even more visit.

To learn more about the Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve, click here.

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