Md. lawmakers pass bill allowing prescription of PrEP to minors without parental consent

EASTON, Md. – Maryland’s General Assembly has worked hard this session to pass several bills and one potential law could go into effect pending Governor Larry Hogan’s signature.

A small pill could make a big impact in Maryland. The old line state has passed legislation allowing the prescription of HIV-preventing pre-exposure prophylaxis, also known as PrEP, to minors without parental permission. PrEP is a single daily pill that prevents the spread of HIV.

Chase Brexton in Easton, a provider in prescribing PrEP, couldn’t give PrEP to patients under the age of 18 without a parent’s consent. But now with Senate Bill 251, it will give them the opportunity to assist minors, in order to protect themselves.

We’re told they pushed for this legislation of the increase of new HIV diagnoses under 24 years old. Chase Brexton’s Director of Operations, Richard Gettings says, “The largest number of HIV in the state of Maryland are occurring in same gender loving of men of African descent under 25 years of age.”

We’re told teens may have a tough time talking to their parents about their sexual health but they still need support in some way. Salisbury PFLAG President, Mark DeLancey states, “You can’t legislate morality but we can provide students and kids with tools in tool box to provide safe sex.”

The bill now heads to Governor Larry Hogan to be signed into law. If he signs the bill, Maryland would join 17 other states who have passed similar legislation.

“This is not saying it’s okay to have sex with whoever, whenever this is about saying that regardless of what our children do, we want them to be safe as possible and this is an additional safety measure,” Gettings tells us.

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