Local official reacts to proposed rule for undocumented immigrants

EASTON, Md. – The Trump administration is one step closer to prohibiting undocumented immigrants from receiving federal housing assistance. Last week the Department of Housing and Urban Development moved ahead with the proposed policy, and one county official said this does not come to him as a surprise.

“Anyone can apply for housing, but when it comes down to evaluating eligibility if they can’t provide us documentation showing that they’re citizens it has a tendency not to allow us to enter them into our system,” said the Housing Commission of Talbot Executive Director, Don Bibb.

President Donald Trump said this proposed policy is good news for thousands of Americans who are stuck on waiting lists to get housing, and the executive director said the wait can take years here on the shore.

“Wait lists for federal assistance housing nationwide is so long,” said Bibb.

“I think here in Maryland on the shore the two jurisdictions that I receive we average four to six years for our current wait list for folks so it’s a fairly long wait time,” said Bibb.

According to Bibb, there are only a handful of undocumented families who do apply to public housing assistance in Talbot County, and according to immigration attorney Steven Planzer this just adds to more restrictions that already exist for undocumented immigrants.

“What I think the President is trying to do is try to use what we call a public charge issues of inadmissibility to make it more difficult for immigrants to apply for public assistance or for housing in this case,” said Planzer.

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