First step to amending absentee voting moves on to Senate

DOVER, Del. –  House Bill 73, the first leg of a constitutional amendment for the state, was passed which would allow Delawareans to cast absentee ballots in elections with no limitations.

As of now, you have to have a reason to cast an absentee ballot. This bill, passed Thursday, was fairly vague, and while she supported the measure, Representative Briggs-King says for this to pass a required second time, it needs to be specified if this applies to only state elections, or if it also applies to all local elections as well.

“What we were finding is a lot of people were maybe making excuses or felt they were having to be untruthful so they could vote absentee,” said Briggs-King. “If a person wants to vote absentee, shouldn’t they just say, I want to vote absentee, and not have to give a reason.”

Because this would amend the constitution, this bill will have to pass a future general assembly. It now heads to the Senate.

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