Delawareans react to Biden running for President

DOVER, Del. – Delaware native and Former Vice President Joe Biden is running for President in 2020. And while this announcement has been rumored for months, Delawareans we spoke with seemed delighted that they finally have a “neighbor” running for office.

“I loved when he was vice president I thought was really cool kind of make are mark, like we had Joe Flacco in sports now we have somebody a little bit more important so I’m absolutely for it,” Kevin Steele, a Delaware resident.

“Him being from Delaware, he’s got my vote. I’ll support him,” says another.

But having Delawareans behind him won’t make the road to the white house any easier and unlike years past the list of opponents is already up to 19.

“You have a lot of senators running and you have some other folks who have got experience at different levels of government, but one thing that sticks out with Joe Biden is his gravitas in foreign-policy,” explains DSU Professor Dr. Samuel Hoff.

And while foreign policy may be something that separates him from the rest, according to Dr. Hoff, it will all come down to three things: money, campaign organization, and momentum.

“Look for him to announce some very large donations to try to place himself in that area possibly intimidate the other candidates,” sas Hoff.

Aside from those three big things, the 76-year-old also has to battle the unspoken hurdles, including his centrist record and his age.

“Well we know that he certainly has had issues the brain aneurysm was scary back in the late 80s yet we know also that in considering this run he contemplated that along with other things.”

So while Biden’s road to Washington is just beginning one thing is for sure, this will be a historic run for the state of Delaware.

“I think it’s a huge deal just because we are so small just show that you can make an impact,” says Steele.

Hoff adds, “I think that we should be proud that one of our own is a candidate and wish them luck.”

Now the first official contest within the Democratic Party is going to happen in early June, with a two night series of debates for all 20 candidates.

Iowa is once again set to lead off the Democratic Party’s presidential primary on February 3, 2020.

Biden has already picked up endorsements from the likes of Delaware’s Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons and Delaware’s Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester.

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