Cambridge city council to create regulations for future cell towers

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – In Cambridge, the city’s council is working to update it’s codes as the possibility of cell towers coming to the area draws near. According to city officials, the council is currently working on passing a proposed ordinance that would require telecommunication companies to go through the council first before setting up these cell towers. Officials tell us the cell towers would be used to help provide better service for residents in the area.
But if the council don’t pass this ordinance, they’ll be forced to comply with the FCC’s regulations which would allow companies to have free reign building these cell towers. Which could hurt the city’s aesthetic.

“We can have them go through the process of meeting with the city Council or planning commission city staff and try to be a part of the conversation as a type of boxes that hopefully they’ll be the most attractive or at least offensive And where they’re going to be located,” said Cambridge city manager Patrick Comiskey.

City officials add that the council will hold a second reading on the ordinance on Monday, May 13th, and they’re expected to make a final vote within the following weeks.

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