As MD legislative session ends, local lawmakers fear future effects on eastern shore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – “This session has been aggressive, the issues have been widespread,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes (D-District 37A).

As the clock struck 12, another legislative session was in the books. 90 days of bill hearings, testimonies, committee meetings and more. All playing a critical role as the Maryland General Assembly passes some of the most controversial bills this year.

“We had a little less on our team on the republican team then we’ve had before and many of the new folks coming in had a little different agenda than we did,” said Senator Addie Eckardt (R-District 37).

Items on their agenda that a number of local lawmakers didn’t necessarily support. Including an oyster sanctuary bill, the labor day school bill, and a piece of legislation that will raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 and hour. Initiatives that they say will hurt the eastern shore in the long run.

“We are going to feel the brunt of all this because it’s cumulative,” Ecakrdt said.

“When you pass bills like the minimum wage and don’t take into account the impact on the shore and the other rural areas that something that we know it’s a little frustrating,” said Senator Mary Beth Carozza (R-District 38).

But as this years legislative session came to a close. The hearts of delegates, senators, state officials, and more weighed heavy as they mourned the death of house speaker Michael Busch.

“He’s a guy who dedicated his entire life to the people of the state of Maryland that he cared about the people that he represented and the people across the state and he’s a true leader is going to be greatly missed,” said Governor Larry Hogan.

And while this session didn’t turn out as many local legislators had hoped, they’re already looking forward to making a difference next year.

“Part of my job during the interim is to help drive that conversation and try to make a difference next year,” said Delegate Chris Adams (R-District 37B).

To wrap up the last day of session, the Maryland General Assembly held a joint meeting to honor Former Speaker Michael Busch, and remember the legacy he left behind

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