Appeals Court rules against OC in Dumser’s site battle

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The battle over who owns the Dumser’s Dairyland property on Atlantic Avenue appears to have come to a close.

The Court of Special Appeals on Friday denied a petition by the Town of Ocean City to hear an appeal for the ownership of the historic property.

A petition for this case had already been ruled out by the court twice against the town. The building on this property currently being leased out to Dumser’s Dairyland is over a hundred years old and visitors say they are glad the Rapoport family will get to keep it because they feel this will help to keep a piece of the town’s history alive.

“It’s good for the history,” said Pete Siarkas, a Boardwalk visitor.

“It’s nice that I can say to my kids that we’ve been there, that it’s been there and when they get older hopefully it will be there for their kids, and I’m just glad it’s with the family and not the city,” said Siarkas.

47ABC reached out to the Town of Ocean City on Sunday for a comment, but did not receive a reply.

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