Wicomico Middle offering free haircuts to help students: “We’ve seen behavioral changes”

SALISBURY, Md. – A snip, a clip, and a taper can go along way towards making someone feel better about themselves and a school in Wicomico County is putting that way of thinking to good use.

Wicomico Middle School is offering free haircuts for students. The woman behind this cutting edge idea is Kristin Cashman, a reading intervention specialist at Wi-Middle. Cashman tells us, “Having a conversation with them they said my hood is up and my hair is a mess, not that’s the only reason but when I saw the need and saw that kids were uncomfortable that’s where the idea kind of came from.”

After seeing a need, Wicomico Middle has given over 50 fresh cuts and styles for the past 3 weeks. “Transportation is difficult for some families, haircuts aren’t cheap, and what better way to help students out whether transportation issue or money issue to get the haircuts here,” Cashman says.

But if we cut deeper, we can see it also gives students a boost in self-esteem. “We’ve actually had behavioral changes, as a result a lot of the barbers and stylists are talking to the students and they said you attitude and behavior needs to match your look.” Their Principal, Tara O’Barsky also states, “The way students feel about themselves, their self-esteem, and confidence has a huge part on their behavior.”

All of the stylists and barbers donated their time, talent, and materials for these children.

The stylists and barbers include:

  • Corey Ellis, Shawn Schoolfield, and Kyle Carter are from Step Your Barber Up in Seaford
  • Dwayne Ballard and Ciera Olukoga are independent
  • Eugene Stewart has come in twice to give cuts and he is independent, as well

O’Barsky  tells 47 ABC it’s great to see the community come together and have these local barbers/stylists be there for the students and support them.

They are planning to have these haircuts every two weeks until the end of the school year.

Four other local schools have already reached out to Wi-Middle on how to implement this idea for their students, as well.

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