Sussex County gets new voting machines ahead of 2020 election season

GEORGETOWN, Del. – In preparation for the upcoming 2020 election season, Sussex County is getting a major upgrade for their voting machines. So far the department of elections has received more than 100 new machines that officials say will make voting much easier for residents. The new system features an electronic touch screen that prints out a ballot which voters can then verify before its cast. Officials add that the machines will also offer a more secure voting method– and is user friendly for those with disabilities.

“We upgraded machines that were nearly 20 years old. We’re happy to have them. The implementation is being done state wide we are in the process of accepting the machines and testing them and doing all the things we can do,” said Sussex County Elections director Kenneth McDowell.

Dowell adds that the county is expected to switch out their old voting machines and start using the new ones by May 14th.

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