Support for Spencer: Fruitland police officer fighting bone cancer

FRUITLAND – A member of our local law enforcement family is in the middle of the fight for his life.

22-year-old Fruitland officer, Spencer Wiersberg, is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins for a rare form of bone cancer, that seems to be Ewings-Sarcoma. Usually children only 10 and under are diagnosed with this form of cancer.

Several organizations across Wicomico County are coming together selling things like T-shirts and bracelets to support Wiersberg in this hard time, showing just how loved he is by his community.

Lieutenant Dan Holland with the Fruitland Police Department said, “He’s a very positive person, he’s got a lot of energy and I’ve never heard a negative thing come out of his mouth.”

Brian Waller, Spencer’s Uncle said, “He is the most compassionate, caring, level headed kid you’d ever meet.”

We’re told when Spencer gets involved in something, he goes at it 100 percent especially with his athletic career, which really blossomed at James M Bennett before he took his talents to the next level.

Waller said, “Spencer attended McDaniel College where he played football, was a star kicker, and he also was a founding member of their SAE chapter.”

Spencer has touched countless lives over the years, so when people learned of his diagnosis, they took action.

Waller said, “We’ve received outreach from a number of businesses that want to host events ,a number of businesses or local artist, crafts people that want to donate items for auctions, raffles.”

Spencer’s coworkers even made sacrifices to help out their fellow officer.

Lt. Holland said, “We went ahead and donated some leave to him so he can continue to get a paycheck and stay on health insurance.”

Spencer’s uncle tells us they’re hoping to raise as much money as they can through the various fundraisers so that when Spencer comes out of treatment, he can afford to pay for his student loans, his mortgage, and his medical bills.

Waller said, “We’re going to do everything we can. Once we think we have done everything we can, we’re going to do more and we’re going to get this kid through it.”

We’re told Wiersberg completed his first round of chemo Tuesday night with no nausea.

Spencer’s main concern right now is getting back to work serving the Fruitland community.

If you’re interested in contributing to the fundraising efforts, you can buy a Wiersberg Warriors T-Shirt from the Fruitland Police Department for just 15 dollars.

You can also pay a visit to the Wiersberg Warriors Facebook page, where they have links to additional fundraisers.

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