Residents shut down Woodbridge School District referendum with 642-753 vote

BRIDGEVILLE, De. – After 13 hours the results are in.  A a 642-753 vote shuts down the Woodbridge School District’s current expense referendum.

“It’s going to be a conversation with our board, and we have not laid out a plan B as of yet,” said Superintendent Heath Chasanov.

The referendum was put in place to help fund the district’s 950 thousand dollar operating budget. Now, school officials say until they find another way to get that funding they’ll have to continue to use the district’s reserves to pay for expenses.

“We’re dipping in the reserves and you can only do that for so long. It’s something at our next board meeting, or at the next scheduled one after that, that we’ll have to have that conversation and decide if we come back out again, or do we start looking at cuts, or do we try to make it work another year,” said Chasanov.

In it’s proposal, the district was trying to increase property taxes by nearly 65% for residents in both Kent and Sussex County. Where homeowners could’ve seen between 70 and 80 dollars per year. But the majority of voters, didn’t agree with the idea.

“My taxes have gone up since I moved over here from Annapolis it’s going up about 20%. We’ve got to look at being on a fixed income some of these folks don’t have the big income,” said one voter Robert Griffith.

Yet, other residents who hit the polls Tuesday said they didn’t mind the increase if it meant giving kids a better education.

“I understand that people are living off of fixed incomes and somethings are very hard but again I’ll just look at it as this is the future this is our students this is our community,” said Pam Miller.

As for what happens next for the district now that the referendum has gotten the boot? School officials tell us it’s back to the drawing board.


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