Rehoboth Beach to see new voting laws soon

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – In Rehbotoh, residents can expect to see changes in their voting policies soon, thanks to a new law signed by Governor John Carney. City officials tell us House Bill 34, which was signed into law on Wednesday  has made some significant changes to the city’s voting laws. Now, residents only have to be living in the area for 30 days instead of six months to be eligible to vote. Officials also tell 47 that previously in annexation votes or referendums, residents were able to vote more than once  depending on the amount of property they owned in the area. Now this law will require that each person only vote once, no matter the circumstance.

“This is something that we wanted to put on the table he put it on the table for the fall, went to a committee in January and obviously just signed and I think it’s very important for our municipality to have these voting rights to be consistent with the rest of the state,” said Mayor Paul Kuhns.

Kuhns adds that the new voting laws will go in effect in time for the city’s August election.

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