Princess Anne man convicted for 2018 armored truck robbery

BALTIMORE, Md. – A federal jury has convicted 39-year-old Shevin Smith for his role in the January 2018 armored truck robbery in Salisbury. Smith initially plead guilty to conspiring to commit and participate in the robbery.

The two-day trial wrapped up on Wednesday in Baltimore. According to court documents and evidence presented, Smith, along with 42-year-old Michael Watts and 49-year-old Orneth South, approached the driver of the armored vehicle as he was removing cash cassettes from an ATM at the credit union on Mt. Hermon Road in Salisbury. Watts reportedly placed a handgun to the driver’s head and disarmed him of his service weapon before grabbing him by the hair and ordering him to open the vehicle’s door. Smith and South took several bags of money as well as ATM cassettes filled with cash. Watts then zip tied the drivers hands together and forced him into the vehicle before the three fled the scene.

After the incident, they allegedly went back to Smith’s residence in Princess Anne and divided the money, totaling $1,324,288.00. South and Watts then left and headed towards North Carolina.

Orneth South was located and arrested back in April of 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was arrested on a warrant issued as a result of the robbery, and pleaded guilty to his role in the armored car robbery that happened two months prior as well as a robbery that happened in North Carolina.

January of 2019, Michael Watts pleaded guilty for his part in the Salisbury Robbery. Watts was initially arrested back in May of 2018, at the time of his arrest he was wearing approximately $70,000 worth of jewelry. With the money stolen, Watts purchased a a Mercedes S430 automobile, clothes, two tombstones, and paid off his bills and rent.

The Government is seeking restitution of the full amount of the victim’s loss which is at least $1,324,288.

Watts and South are scheduled for sentencing in May, while Smith is scheduled for sentencing in June.

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