“Gordon” the therapy dog making a positive impact on Worcester Co. Public Schools

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – “You would never really think that a rescue pet could do this,” said Pocomoke Middle School student Savannah McCarty.

Meet Gordon.  He’s one of Pocomoke Elementary School’s hardest workers.

His job? Professional hugger and kisser.

He’s a ten year-old rescued Italian Greyhound who serves as the schools’ therapy dog.

School psychologist Jill Dillon said, “He just gives love to everyone. The kids love him. I’ve had kids who used to be afraid of dogs and now they’re not.”

Dillon works for Worcester County Public Schools.

She brought Gordon in back in September and says she’s noticed a change ever since.

Dillon said, “Dogs, just petting them can help reduce anxiety and tension. It just boosts kids social and emotional well-being.”

McCarty said, “He makes kids that feel uncomfortable feel comfortable about going to school.”

But its not just the students at Pocomoke Elementary, Middle and High Schools that he helps.

Educational assistant Emily Rantz said, “Gordon is such an asset to not only the students here at Pocomoke, but the staff as well.”

When students or even staff are in need of some canine TLC, they come in to Gordon’s room take a seat on Miss Dillon’s couches and he curls right up to listen and cuddle.

Rantz said, “There have been days where I’ve had a rough day and I just go in and he sits on my lap falls asleep and there’s just something about him that calms you.”

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