Globetrotters another slam-dunk success at Wicomico Youth and Civic Center

SALISBURY, Md. – It was a tightly-packed arena Thursday night as the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters returned to Salisbury.

Spectator George Dixon said, “It’s really crowded. I’m surprised so many people came out! It’s such a great show. You’re going to get your money’s worth.”

And because they were such a big hit last year some just couldn’t get enough.

Cole Lane, a 12 year-old Salisbury Middle School student said, “I came to see them last year and I came back this year so they’re obviously good!”

Globetrotter Brawly “Cheese” Chisholm said, “When the globetrotters come in town, its our day. We’re always the home team and I’m really happy to be here.”

Cheese says its his first time with the team in Salisbury and was proud to be apart of the energy.

He said, “I’m just honored to be part of this team and make history and be here in Salisbury.”

Making history, the globetrotters have been around for 93 years showing off some of the craziest tricks on the court.

One spectator said, “We love when they spin the ball on their fingers and do all the slams!”

But it wasn’t just the Globetrotters that got everyone hyped up.

Delmar Elementary School mom Dawn Lybarger tells 47 ABC seeing her son perform the national anthem for the Globetrotters was the highlight of her night.

She said, “To see the globetrotters cheering for them as they were coming out and to hear the go Delmar chants from the audience is always exciting.”

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