Fire officials encourage you to check your smoke alarms on Daylight Savings

MARYLAND – Daylight Savings is now less than a week away and local fire departments are reminding you to change your smoke alarm batteries when you spring your clocks forward.

In most cases, your smoke alarm will begin to chirp when the batteries are low.

If that happens you should promptly replace your batteries, but sometimes you don’t get a warning, so that’s why you’re being encouraged to check this weekend.

For those of you in Maryland, you may not be able to check your battery, so instead you’re encouraged to test your alarm by briefly pressing the test button.

Deputy Chief Darrin Scott with the Salisbury Fire Department said, “[There’s] a new law that’s out in the State of Maryland where you have to have the ten-year battery operated smoke alarm where the battery is actually sealed, so you can’t take it out. So if you check it and it’s not working, it’s time to replace it.”

If you need help with your smoke alarm, whether that be installing it or testing it, you can reach out to your local fire department.

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