Diocese of Easton celebrates anniversary with message of love, welcomes Bishop Michael Curry

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Hundreds of people gathered in Cambridge on Sunday to celebrate 150 years since the Episcopal Diocese of Easton was founded on the Eastern Shore.

“The Episcopal Church has been here since colonial times, but the formal Diocese of Easton, which is on the Eastern Shore is 150 years old so it’s a celebration of that and kind of giving thanks for the past and people who have been faithful,” said Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

The Episcopal Diocese of Easton, which represents 40 episcopal faith communities on the shore shared a message of love on Sunday. The Bishop of the Episcopal Church Michael Curry who shared a similar message at last year’s British royal wedding said the peninsula needs to come together to set an example of kindness for others.

“If we can find ways to live together in harmony, in peace with justice and compassion for each other here then maybe we can do it around the whole country,” said Curry.

The diocese spent all of 2018 tackling several projects in honor of their 150 years including carrying out 150 different acts of kindness and encouraging youth to get involved in the arts.

“We’re often used to people singing during services, but doing art is something a little different outside the box, and we were really inspired by it,” said Joanne Fisher, the Episcopal Diocese of Easton youth missioner.

“A lot of people think that the church is dying, but this is a real example that the church is alive and active in this world,” said Thomas Sinnott, the Episcopal Diocese of Easton Hispanic missioner.

Curry said he hopes to leave the shore knowing he has inspired many to take on 150 more years of faith and love.

“I really do want to encourage the people here to not give up on the cause and the way of love in the world, and sometimes that’s hard because there are forces of ray that are not particularly about the word of love,” said the presiding bishop.

The Diocese of Easton not only focused on the theme of love on Sunday, but also on the addition of their first ever Hispanic congregation.

The new congregation called La Sagrada Familia de Jesus was welcomed at the celebration. Sinnott, the Hispanic missioner, said it took years to finally have a Hispanic congregation, but now they have a big enough group of Hispanics involved in the diocese to make it possible.

According to Sinnott, it is crucial for the community to have a place of worship as well as space to host events and share their unique culture on the shore.

“It’s important for the people because they’re very spiritual people they need a church home,” said Sinnott, “They need a place to come to baptize their children, for confirmation, for marriages, for quinceñeras and all kinds of things that are important to them.”

The Hispanic missioner also said the new addition helps to represent diversity and growth in the diocese.

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