Development projects move forward in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – In Salisbury, major redevelopment projects are making their way through the city’s approval process to hopefully start breaking ground in the coming months maybe even weeks.

On Thursday, Salisbury’s Planning and Zoning committee was presented with half a dozen projects that would revamp several parts of the city.

To name a few two restaurants are looking to open their doors next to Aldi. Salisbury university is aiming to add an 800 plus student housing addition. Boscov’s wants to add 25,000 additional square feet.

And also a proposed project for an addition to an existing building downtown that would turn it into a mixed use apartment building, which would also become Salisbury’s tallest building.

“It represents a total physical transformation of our city in the matter of you know one meeting. I mean it’s pretty incredible, but this has been ongoing. Any engineering or architecture, construction company that you talk to right now is going to tell you this is the busiest they’ve ever been,” explains Mayor Jake Day.

According to Mayor Day, 2018 was Salisbury’s best year since 2000 and January and February of this year make some of the best months that the city’s seen in nearly two decades.

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