Delaware appliance store under fraud investigation, customers react

OCEAN VIEW, Del. – “We rode down here, there was a phone number we called the mailbox was full,” said Judy Barnard.

30 complaints, and counting. Left and right calls have been coming in to the Delaware State Police, with angry customers claiming that they never received the appliances they bought from Coastal Maytag Home Appliance Center. And when they showed up to the store to find out exactly what was going on:

“They were shut down, out of business, locked up,” said Kim Bowden

Judy Barnard and her husband John tell us they bought a range from the company back in January. Paying $2,900 for it in advance. But they never got it. And after placing a number unanswered calls to the store, Barnard decide to do a little digging.

“I did a little research and it was on the Bethany local page on Facebook and it was saying that there was a nasty divorce and they’ve closed the store. Literally I was sick to my stomach, because I really wanted this range,” said Barnard.

And Barnard wasn’t the only one having issues. Post after post, customers took to social media searching for answers and airing their frustrations. Kim Bowden, who was supposed to get her dryer fixed by the company says they never showed.

They didn’t show up, I had to call like an hour and a half after they didn’t show up. I was really shocked, because they had a pretty good reputation,” she said.

State police add that the case is still under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time. And as for the business, it will remain closed until further notice.

“It makes you feel bad for the small businesses when, something like this happens, and the stigma that family businesses could get from this,” said Barnard.

47 did reach out to try and get in contact with the owner of the business but they were not available for a comment. Unconfirmed reports have come in that the owner is in fact working on resolving the issues with the customers who need refunds.  State police are also asking that if you believe you are a victim of this crime– to please attempt to report your case by May 1st to Detective McCabe at 302-856-5850.


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