Del. Lyme Disease bill could offer more clarity for patients getting tested

DOVER, Del. –  Delaware lawmakers are pushing to pass a bill that would bring more clarity for patients getting tested for lyme disease.  Senate Bill 15 introduced by Sussex County legislator Ernie Lopez, would require health care providers to explain to patients the quote limitations these tests can have. Lopez says current laboratory testing for lyme disease can be problematic and standard lab tests can result in false negative and false positive results. Which is why legislators are making sure doctors provide this type of information to patients just in case they need a second opinion.

“We felt the most important thing that we could be doing right now is really facilitating a good line of communication between doctors, physicians, and pate patients who are suffering from lime disease so enhancing that degree of communication making sure that it’s clear concise and cogent,” said Lopez.

Lopez adds that now the bill has been introduced, he’ll host an informational panel in Lewes about this piece of legislation later this month in hopes of gaining support from residents.

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