Del. bill would create a new tax on drug manufacturers

DOVER, Del. –  Democratic lawmakers have re-introduced legislation that would create a new tax on drug manufacturers who sell opioid pain-killers in the First State.

The bill was introduced in the Senate this week and is similar to a measure that was introduced late in session last year but failed to get a floor vote.

The legislation would impose a per-pill tax on prescription opioids that would differ depending on their strength and whether they are brand-name or generic.

The money from the tax would be used to create a fund for drug treatment programs and research. It’s a piece of legislation that local lawmakers are taking a look at as a possible solution to the opioid epidemic.

“Now that we have some time to really reflect look at the facts and really examine how this bill could be helpful for Delawareans, I think we are going to see some progress going forward. I know there’s some concerns out there but again this is something I think can be really helpful, but I still haven’t made my decision yet,” “explains Sen. Ernie Lopez.

Officials estimate that the proposed tax would raise about 8 million dollars over three years.

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