Del. bill aims to make the unsafe storage of a firearm a crime

DOVER, Del. – A bill that just made it out of committee, House Bill 63, would essentially make the unsafe storage of a firearm a crime if passed.

Right now, there’s already a law in place that makes it illegal for someone to have a gun that a child or unauthorized person could get a hold of, but that’s just a misdemeanor.

This bill would require guns to be kept in a locked box or have a trigger lock on it, which is leaving some local lawmakers uneasy.

“The most important thing that we are overlooking with this bill is that the sanctity of your home is the lock that’s on your door. Why is that not the safe that I can keep my firearms in? It’s already a felony to break into my home and commit crime,” explains Rep. Steve Smyk.

This bill made it out the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday with five in favor of it and one in its merits then it’s going to the floor for a vote.

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