Congressman Harris holds town hall in Fruitland

FRUITLAND, Md. – On Monday night, Republican Congressman Andy Harris kicked off a series of town hall meetings in Fruitland. The first of three the question and answer sessions are designed to tackle legislative hot topics and Monday night’s event didn’t disappoint.

“It was great,” said Congressman Andy Harris. “We heard from a range of questions and people with different ideas and that’s what a town hall is all about.”

“It went very good,” said Larry Fuller of Ocean Pines. “There wasn’t a lot of screaming and jumping so that’s good.”

“I think he answered the questions very well,” said Lennart Elmuld of Salisbury. “He is well informed and knows his subject. I may not agree with everything he says but I have to respect that he is a man of principle.”

Many who were there to listen, ask questions, or even verbally disagree walked away feeling like their voice really mattered.

“Guys like me who are old and don’t communicate through the internet get a chance to talk to him,” said Bill Harrison. “He can hear some of our old people for a change.

Despite a wide array of topics and limited back and forth residents and the congressman agree that town halls are effective.

“I think it is yes,” said Lyle Dillon of Ocean Pines. “If it wasn’t for town halls I wouldn’t know anymore about him then I read about or see him. I think it’s very helpful to see the person in person and I think seeing him in person goes to his detriment.”

The next town hall meeting will happen across the bridge, but there is another scheduled for the shore on Wednesday. That one will be held at the Grasonville V.F.W. in Queen Anne’s County at 6 p.m.

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