CHEER seeking match grant from Sussex County for a new kitchen

GEORGETOWN, Del. –  In Sussex County, CHEER puts out over 1,700 meals a day for the elder community, but they say they want to help even more. In order to do that though, that means they need a bigger facility and the money to build it.

The non-profit is looking to build a bran new kitchen to replace their current one that they say is small and obsolete.

They tell 47 ABC the State gave them $200,000 last year and they anticipate getting the same amount this year.

Now they’re asking the county to match that. The CEO for CHEER, Ken Bock says, “We’re looking for the state and county to fund 50% of this project and then we are asking foundations and community local groups and donations to come up with the other 50% of that.”

CHEER’s CEO tells us that this new kitchen would help them serve the county for the next 40 years.

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