Cape Henlopen School District seeking feedback for 5 year strategic plan

LEWES, Del. – Over the next couple of months, Cape Henlopen School District officials will be working non-stop to create an in-depth plan that they hope will create a map of success for the future of the district.

“My goal in all of this is to become more focused on what’s important to Cape and when I mean Cape I mean students, staff, parents, community,” said Cape School District superintendent Bob Fulton.

As Cape Henlopen School district nears the end of the school year, officials are already planning ahead for the future. Five years into the future that is. By developing a strategic plan that will serve as a guide for the district to follow as they look to reshape and improve their school system.

“Strategic planning efforts aren’t just about what we as a district might want it’s about what our whole community needs and how to make our school better working altogether,” said Cape Henlopen District assistant superintendent Jenny Nauman.

Currently district officials are still trying to get feedback from the community to get a feel for how they should move forward in the strategic planning process.
So what is it exactly that residents want to see change in the future?

“Bringing in more staff if that’s a possibility, reducing class sizes if that’s a possibility, because that benefits everybody,” said resident Lauren Levin.

“I had really supportive teachers but I think that the teachers need more support,” said Sadie Tenerovich.

As for former Cape student Taylor Bateson, she says she’d like to see a change in the curriculum so students can get a more real world experience.

“Maybe to implement more taxes, and do more classes on personal finances and things like that so when you go out into the real world you are educated,” she said.

While the plan is still in its early stages, officials tell us they’ll be taking each and every input into careful consideration before the final plan is put in place. They add that they hope to have a final strategic plan put in place by the beginning of the summer season.



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